We are an Incoming Travel Agency located in Calabria, the toe of Italy.

Our mission is to show at the travelers that come visit Calabria the true lifestyle of southern Italy.

Our lifestyle is slow, we eat always fresh and seasonal food, we practice ancient traditions and we are proud to show you what mean to be Italian from Sothern Italy. Calabria is an amazing region far away from the big mass of tourism but very authentic and unique. With us you will visit undiscovered amazing places, you will eat great food and drink fabulous wine, you will live many adventures and maybe you will learn to speak Italian with your hands…

Our Values

Individual Tours

We offer services to small groups or individuals setting up tours based on your needs

We involve the local people

What makes your trip unique is to get to know the locals, our services are always offered by authentic local people

Food tells where you are

Traveling with us means getting to know the authentic food of southern Italy. We choose partners who serve only self-produced and organic local food

We speak the same language

Traveling to authentic places is a great experience, do it by speaking your language even more

our local expert

Danilo Verta


Enza Ferrieri