Sea Side


Sea Side
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Calabria is known far its variety of beaches - from long sandy stretches to pebbly coves. It has about 500 miles of coastline, which takes in all the geographical variations ofthe Tyrrhenian and lonian seas. Surrounded by spectacular beaches and cliffs overlooking medieval castles and ancient watch towers. Embedded in the splendid Coast of the Gods, in the province of Vibo Valentia, is a precious jewel famous around the world: a piace of ancient legends and history, by the name of Tropea. This place is famous for seaside tourism and splendid beaches. Built entirely on an enormous tufa rock facing sheer aver the seas, the upper part consists of a village with many noble houses of the 18th and 19th centuries, while in the lower part are the beaches and the tourist harbor.  Cost of Gods dose to Tropea is Capo Vaticano's lighthouse for a selection of beaches tucked into the curves of the Tyrrhenian coast, the fìnal one reached by wading between the rocks. One of the most charming places in Calabria is Scilla where the sunset seems to assume a new unique characteristics, fed with unreal quivers when the enchanting fìshing hamlet is admired from within its archet narrow streets and alleys, all separated from each other by yet more small alleys, all heading down, straight toward the sea.  Cedar Riviera  In the north part ofthe Tyrrhenian coast there is Riviera dei Cedri (Ciders Riviera), a very appealing area dose to the mountainous massifofthe Pollino National Park.  It has a big naturai value and comprises beaches from Paola to Diamante, Scalea, Praia a Mare and San Nicola Arcella. This is the coast that has the only two Calabrian Island: Girella Island and Dino Island. Riviera dei Cedri is so called because in centuries this has been the cultivation area of ciders, purchased annually by rabbis from all aver the world for relìgious rites.