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Thermal bath and wellness  The evocative lights, the smell, herbs and spices make Calabria an emotional experience. In that atmosphere we can find di erent Thermal Bath. Terme Luigiane, a small village belonging to the municipality of Acquappesa, Guardia Piemontese, is considered one of the oldest and popular thermal springs considered one ofthe most sulfurous water in Europe.  Close to the Pollino National Park there are two more thermal springs with hot mud and pools. One is in the town of Cassano allo Ionio with highly qualified professional fìgures, and the suggestive Cave of the Nymphs is in the Cerchiara di Calabria village. On the Tyrrhenian coast just near Lamezia, the Terme of Caronte is a state-o-the-art complex, where far about two thousand years the salt waters of the Caronte spring rise to about 39° C. Not far from the sea and from the excavations of Sibari are the Terme di Spezzano, which was founded in 1923 around the Source of Graces, renowned for the therapeutic properties of its waters in the treatment of liver diseases.  From the sea to Extreme Sports Activìties  In the upper Tyrrhenian cosentino you will find the River Lao, a typical example where rampant rushing create canyons in the Pollino massif and where rafting can now be practiced. In the village of Orsomarso there are walls and trails for practice climbing which are130 mt high and have difficulty in grade 5b/8b. CALABRIA ADVENTURES  In all the Natural Parks different sports can be practiced thanks to the diversity of the area, but far enthusiasts, trekking and hiking are highly recommended. The parks are a destination not only for lovers of alpinism, but also for those who adore canyoning, cross-country, horse trekking, skiing, caving.  The "NDUT" - Norman Douglas Ultra Trail  "NDUT"- It looks like a word from the Calabrian dialect, but instead is the acronym of "Norman Douglas Ultra Trail", is the sport route dedicated to mountain bikers and runners that traces the path of writer Norman Douglas just over a century ago in the Calabrian hinterland. Those Exotic and Wild Landscapes and the typical vitality of the southern people, described by the British author in "Old Calabria", will be the cornerstone of an immersive experience in areas not yet explored.  The path that can be used throughout the year, like the most renowned European paths.  There are two different circuits: one of 500 km that joins the Sila National Park with the Pollino National Park and one of 1,144 km that connects all of the Calabria Parks to the monasteries of the palm tree overlooking the Straits of Messina.