Calabria Mountains landscapes


Calabria Mountains landscapes
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The Pollino National Park (Italian: Parco nazionale del Pollino) is a national park in Basilicata and  Calabria. Comprised within the provinces of Cosenza, Matera and Potenza, with its 1,820 square kilometers it is the largest natural park in the all Italian country. It takes its name from the Pollino Massif (highest peak 2,267 m). As far as the wildlife is concerned, the Pollino area is among the most important of the whole south of Italy: a variegated fauna, includes many species that were not able to survive in other mountainous areas. In the Pollino can be found: the golden eagle, the black and the green woodpecker, the chough, the Lanner falcon, the Egyptian vulture, the red kite, the eagle owl, the long-eared owl, the raven, the peregrine falcon, the forest dormouse, the native deer of Orsomarso and the otter. Recently the deer and the griffin have been reintroduced.  The Sila is the name of the mountainous plateau and historic region located in Calabria. The eco-system is of great scientific value and has been protected by the Sila National Park since 1997, the 10th Reserve of the Italian Biosphere in the World Network of Unesco sites of excellence. Winter and summer tourism are very well developed, in the wintertime The Sila is the best place ground where to practice ski and snowboard, while in the summer many are those who lave climb mountains and hike down the many forest trails. The animal symbol of the Sita is the wolf.  The Aspromonte is a mountain massif in the province of Reggio Calabria. The literal translation of the name means ""rough mountain"". It overlooks the Strait of Messina, being limited by the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas and by the Pietrace river. The highest peak is Montalto (1,955 m). The massif is part of the Aspromonte National Park.